miercuri, 20 mai 2009


you,do you remember me
like I remember you
do you spend your life
going back in your mind,to that time

cauze I,I walk the streets alone,
I can feel it on my own
and everyoane can see that
I really felt and I'm going thrue that
thinking but you're with somebody else

R: somebody wants you
somebody needs you someboddy breams about you every single night
somebody can't breathe
without you is lonely
somebody hope's that someday you will se

that somebody's me
that somebody's me

How,how can we go on
it was soo good and now it's gone
and I pray at night,that i'd pass somoane cross
cauze you always thry in and it was

that somebody's me

you'll allways be in mu life
even if i'm not in your life
cauze you're in my memory
you,when you remember me
and before you set me free
lïsten please


somebody's me x4

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